Luxuera is where three Malaysian-based brands from Kak Love and Ferra Rossa call home: Dermova, Hale Nimbus, and Ferrarossa Beauty. It is born out of the sisters’ journey of taking risks, as well as finding strength and courage in times of uncertainty before unearthing real beauty and indulgence.

Luxuera’s mission is to enhance the confidence and self-worth of all women – those who are afraid to leap into the unknown, unsure of themselves, and unaware of their inner strengths. Luxuera is here to bring out the powerful potential hidden in women, so they can carry themselves with strong respect, belief, and class.

Luxuera’s vision is to be the go-to choice of beauty and personal care needs, catered to women of all ages, shades, and cultures. Its products are created from extensive research and development, sourced from the best and safest possible ingredients, produced using effective formulations, with proven results for consumers. Luxuera is always up-to-date with current trends and tailored to customers’ diverse needs, helping all types of women to grow and glow by writing their own story and owning their strength and beauty.


We are sisters and besties in business – our passion for beauty bonds us, and our desire to make positive changes drives us. Shazreeyana Shukri – also known as Kak Love – is the eldest of three children, while Farah Munirah – now known as Ferra Rossa – is the younger sister in a loving, tight-knit family from the humble city of Alor Setar, Kedah. We are strong advocates of the power of beauty – that it can bring out boldness from within and create possibilities from the unexpected.

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