During her years of studying medicine, Kak Love’s sole ambition was to become a dermatologist. When that goal evolved during her final year, Kak Love was still very much inspired by her original aspiration when she decided to venture into her own beauty business. Kak Love had a vision of starting a revolutionary skincare movement in Malaysia, where the term ‘derm’ indicating skin, meets ‘mova’, meaning move – and that was how the brand name Dermova came to life.

Kak Love’s first Dermova product was influenced by her own skin – a combination of dry and greasy, making her prone to acne. In her quest to address this skin issue, Kak Love found it difficult to find a moisturizer in the market that hydrates skin without clogging pores. So she took it upon herself to conduct almost a year’s worth of research and development before finding the desired formula for her first skincare product: the Dream Skin Gel Moisturizer. Moisturizing yet non-clogging, this product was specifically developed by Kak Love to feel non-oily and comfortable to use by men and women so they can achieve their dream skin.

Powered by its “Love Your Skin” tagline, Dermova seeks to help customers do just that. Dermova is driven by Kak Love’s belief that looking healthy and beautiful begins with taking care of the skin and nurturing it with the right nutrients to offer the safest solutions for even the most problematic skin.