In 2016, Farah Munirah couldn’t help but think of her newest nickname. When she was studying in the United States, people had trouble pronouncing her name correctly and resorted to calling her Ferra. Amused by this, her own relatives started to tease her and named her Ferra Rossa.

Instead of letting the name-calling get under her skin, she embraced it and took it to another level. Now Farah is known as Ferra Rossa, a professional makeup artist, passionate beauty influencer, and proud founder of the Ferrarossa Beauty brand since 2017.

Ferra Rossa’s first product was inspired by the cleansing oil, something which was a rarity and expensive to purchase in Malaysia back in 2018. At the time, Ferra Rossa herself was using an international brand of cleansing oil that cost RM300 a bottle. Toying with the idea of creating a more affordable yet still effective cleansing oil in local shores, Ferra Rossa dedicated herself to almost two years of meticulous research before discovering the best formula that could easily remove waterproof makeup while cleansing the face without leaving skin feeling tight and dry. And so in 2018, the Relaxing Makeup Melter was born, a soothing cleansing oil that was an instant hit with customers – over 100,000 units were sold since its launch.

Since then, Ferrarossa Beauty has been delighting customers with its high-performing and result-driven skincare range as well as its luxurious, exciting shades of cosmetics. The brand inspires beauty with its easy-to-relate and convenient products, and aims to be in every woman’s handbag and makeup artist’s kit.