While most people were panicking when the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in late 2019, Kak Love felt the need to make something that could benefit everyone during this uncertain period. Realizing the sheer number of potentially harmful alcohol-based sanitizers in the market, Kak Love decided to come up with a safer option for consumers through Hale Nimbus. From the word “hale” which means strong and “nimbus” which refers to clouds, this health and lifestyle brand prides itself in acting as a strong cloud that provides a more natural and healthier protection for consumers throughout the day and night.

True to its name, the first Hale Nimbus product that Kak Love created was the Cloud Guard Disinfectant. It acts as a replacement for alcohol sanitizer, produced from non-toxic, organic, and food grade ingredients that are clinically tested and proven to destroy 99,99% bacteria, fungi, and viruses. With health and safety in mind, the Cloud Guard Disinfectant does not cause harm to humans, animals, and the environment, and is even gentle to use by those with eczema, dry, and sensitive skin.